Sunday, August 1, 2010


Another hot day in sunny south Florida. I am realizing my vacation is over in a couple weeks so I need to get on Warp Speed and get everything done that I had on my Want-to-do-list. George and I started with me deciding to paint the bedroom.
George doesn't like the green color. I comment that it is free, because it is left over from our last paint job. Unfortunately there is not enough for the whole bedroom. We can either buy more of the green paint that George does not like or go for a contrasting color like the fancy magazines have. At first George suggested brown which I nixed right away. Brown walls do nothing for me. Now I am thinking purple or yellow. It is more of that Who Cares? attitude. It's our bedroom. We can make it look like a circus tent if we want. But here is what was funny, or sad, depending on your viewpoint.
We could not find the paint. All our left over paint is in the garage in various states of rustology. We could not find the green one. We looked and looked. I realized we are not done organizing out in the garage at that point. We looked for about 10 minutes and I came back in, giving up. There it was on the kitchen counter, waiting to be opened. One of us had brought it in and left it there. Neither of us claim responsibility. Sad. You'll be there too some day.

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