Sunday, August 8, 2010

Holiday Surprises

Well, I did not expect to celebrate "Assistance Dog Day" in such a real way. Today, George and I were on the way home from lunch and we saw a little black and white moppy looking dog all by himself. I got out and lugged him into the car. He may be little but he's solid. We took him home and got out notices to advertise that we found him. Gave him a bath and now we are hoping mommy and daddy come and get him. He's adorable but the Kraus Zoo is fine with 3 cats and one dog.I guess we assisted a dog to celebrate.
Not much going on with holidays tomorrow unless you happen to be an Indigenous person. Tomorrow is "International Day of the World's Indigenous People." Indigenous means "aborigines" or people in certain areas of the world who have remained true to their culture, without Western civilization influence.

George and I went to a party last night with a 70s theme. We wore these cool tie-dyed t-shirts and jeans. Today for lunch we wore them again, and got a lot of interested looks from people. One guy asked us if we were "deadheads." Although we knew he meant to ask if we followed The Grateful Dead, there was some truth to our being deadheads, at least at times. Off to animal land.

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