Thursday, August 12, 2010

Friday The 13th

For those who tend to be a bit superstitious, this might be the day to lay low, pretend there are no holidays to observe. I, not having any such superstitious beliefs, could celebrate the day easily by doing things in groups of 13: read 13 pages of a book, spend 13 minutes in exercise, eat 13 pieces of chocolate, and use the restroom 13 times.
Tomorrow is also "Blame Someone Else Day." Evidently, this holiday is celebrated more than once a year in south Florida. It would probably be more appropriate to celebrate "Blame Yourself Day." At least that would be a switch from the norm.
Friday is also International Left Hander's Day. This leaves me in a predicament. I am right handed but both my sons are left-handed. I can celebrate in their honor though by writing left-handed for the entire day.
Finally, Kool-Aid Day. Boy, I grew up on Kool-Aid. That was all we had to drink other than water, which was not even considered as an option. We made pitcher after pitcher of Kool-Aid, drank it, sold it on the corner and froze it into Kool-Aid popsicles. That's probably why I turned out the way I did.
Tomorrow will also be my last weekday of summer freedom. On Monday I go back to work at Margate Elementary. So I may do some celebrating of my own. Do they consider cleaning the house and laundry as celebrating in some cultures?


Jody Worsham said...

I'm celebrating "9 yr old goes back to school" Day on Tuesday. Then Aug. 23 I will celebrate 5 yr old goes to kindergarten. IT'S THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR!!!!
Jody Worsham,

Jeanne said...

As you parents are celebrating these long-awaited for holidays, us teachers are going into overdrive to help you out! My next celebration will be the first day of school at 3 PM. "Whew! We got them all home!"