Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Holidays and Frustration

Well, let's start with the good news for tomorrow. Tomorrow is "Aviation Day." Spread your wings and fly. Have a paper airplane contest. Watch the movie "Kitty Hawk," all about Wilbur and Orville. I love that movie. While you are watching the movie, make yourself a root beer float, AKA Black Cow, cause it is "Black Cow Root Beer Float Day." If I do indulge in a root beer float tomorrow, and there is a great possibility that I might, there might be a few more Black Cow Days in my future. Great treat for the heat.
Now this is exciting. Tomorrow is National Medical Dosimetrist Day. What is that, you ask? It would be good to know. This medical professional is an active member of a medical team that deals with cancer patients.Without getting too technical, since my readerships tends to hover around a fifth grade reading level (just kidding!) suffice it to say that this doctor deals with radiation oncology treatment. Wow. We'd better celebrate the importance of these people.
As for today, I have denoted it to be "What Else Could Go Wrong Day?"
What a day. First of all, I had two workshops to attend, each at opposite ends of the earth. This for the person who does not drive on big highways. So I get my directions on Mapquest. It will take me 32 minutes to get to my first workshop if I go on the highway, and something like six hours if I take back roads.(OK, I am exaggerating.) However, I took the second choice. In avoiding the highways, I took two wrong turns, necessitating U-turns in morning rush hour. This got me to the workshop a few minutes late. In addition, my seat belt was giving me some problems. It kept tightening, keeping me plastered against the back of the driver's seat. My windpipe felt a little constricted. I couldn't move. Finally, I figured that the lap belt was caught in the car door. I opened the door, and I could breathe again.
As I got out of the car, I dumped a glass of water that I had been drinking. The glass unfortunately fell and shattered all over the parking lot, right where my tires would be sure to roll when I left. I spent 10 more minutes cleaning up the glass and making sure there was none left on the pavement. I cut my hand on a shard and blood started making my work even more difficult. Finally I pulled it together and headed into the building. There were no seats left at the tables so I had to sit in a chair against the wall like time out.
Finally some good luck! The first workshop ended early. It was 10:20 and I had till 12:00 to get all the way across town in time. Even a loser could do that. This time, in having to reverse the directions, I missed three turns and went about 20 minutes in the wrong directions. 3 U-turns later I was beginning to wonder if I would get there after all. OK I was late to the last workshop also. All the wrong turns had taken their toll. I had to pee. As I got out of the car, I slammed the door. It didn't shut all the way. Now, I am loaded down with books, bags and a purse. I slam the door again. It does not shut. Third time is a charm. I hobble into the school where the meeting will be, and there are two "greeters" stationed there to open the door for me. They look at my disheveled appearance, my bag hanging from my arm, my open purse, which had just turned upside down in the car and dumped everything from my purse onto the pile of broken glass. I also had a briefcase with my workshop materials in it. They offered me some help which I declined. I may have looked like I needed help but I was not sinking to that level. But I was huffing and puffing and definitely out of breath.
Once again the workshop has begun and there is nowhere to sit except on the very front table at the very end of the table facing the back of the room with my back to the speaker. I could not see her presentation and could barely see her.
My face started sweating from the warmth in the room and the 200+ people who were there. My eyes started to sting. I had finally broken down and bought some wrinkle cream to see if it really worked. It had migrated to my eyes. Hours later they are still burning.
Sorry, readers, if this post is too long but I knew that you would have to have all the details. I am looking forward to "Black Cow Day." I think I deserve it.
By the way the wrinkle cream must be working on my eyes. Not a wrinkle!

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