Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Forecast for Tomorrow

I hope you have nothing planned for Sunday because it will be a busy holi-day day. First and foremost, both Friendship and Girlfriend's Day, which in many cases can be an all-in-one. It is just one of those nicey nice days. Respect for Parents is one I will point out to my two grown sons just in case they miss it. It is also US Air Force Day (yay) and World Wide Web Day which you can celebrate by using your computer. It is also National Minority Donor Awareness Day, not to be confused with National Majority Donor Awareness Day which comes sometime....later.
Once I get through all the holidays tomorrow I plan to paint. Well, I plan to help George paint. Actually I might just supervise. I don't know what is happening to me. Last summer I went crazy and painted my office in bright green with sherbet orange trim. I love it. Bright colors with lots of junk laying around. It looks great. Now I want to redo my bedroom. I removed our expensive duvet and down comforter and beautiful sheets that we paid mucho bucks for a few years ago and gave them to my oldest son for his bedroom. Now I want to paint the walls in 2 bright colors and cover the bed with a brightly colored quilt and totally change the look of it. Same for the living room. The last time I did these kinds of things I was pregnant. 30 years ago.That would be a major miracle. Not a good one. I worked out with Arnaldo. It was a rough weekend. My cleaning lady, Ana, is going to be leaving me, not as a friend but as a helper in my home. My trainer, the third one, is leaving me to go in the National Guard. Today we started videotaping him doing the same exercises he has shown me for 2 years and I still can't remember. He has become a good friend and I will miss him greatly.

Friday, July 30, 2010

A Mixed Up Day

My life is a series of compare and contrast. In one day, I can experience highs and lows of unbelievable differences. The low today is losing my cleaning person but on the other hand, we could use that extra money. Another low is that means George would be doing the cleaning. Along with the temporary extra money till we hire someone else, the garbage disposal went wacky today necessitating a call to John the plumber.
In addition, all my well-laid plans for paying bills went awry. I made a list at the beginning of the week of the order in which I would pay everything at the end of this week, and the money I expected to get this week never materialized so it was a lost effort.
George and I know we need to get more exercise. So we decided to take a walk in the evening when it cools off. Great idea except that is also the best time to work in the garden. Pick and in garden (preferred) or work on us. Guess which one won?
Tomorrow morning at 6:45 AM I have a radio interview about my book. I love radio interviews. I could make a living out of just calling in to radio stations and chatting with the DJ's. Well, that is of course, if someone would pay me to do it.
Our most exciting thing today was that we bought some flowering vines to put in our trellis thing and it will be beautiful soon. After we get it set up.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Holiday Plans

Tomorrow, Friday July 30th is a day to celebrate some of the lesser-known holidays. Start out with "Father-in-Law Day". Now if you have not noted this holiday before you might want to skip it, because he may wonder why you never honored it before. It is also "Cheesecake Day" which I certainly feel like celebrating.

In addition, you may be interested in "National Talk in an Elevator Day." First of all, make sure there is someone else in the elevator and that he/she does not look like a suspicious lurker. After you have ascertained that, then feel free to chat with them. Questions like...

Do you come here often?
Where are you going?
Do you get panicky in elevators?

...will open up avenues of conversation that you never knew existed. By the time you get to your floor, you will have made a new friend! Celebrate tomorrow!


It's funny how our perspectives on events differ so greatly from person to person. George, my husband, and I can both recount an event to someone and I find out that I am not sure we were at the same place. Today I was feeling some rather heavy stress over some personal issues bothering me and in one phone call my self-concern was wiped away. I received a call from a Stroke Survivors Support Group who would like me to come and speak to them about humor in life. The magnitude of this commitment amazed me as I talked to the woman who called, a stroke victim herself, who laughingly told me that I will have no trouble finding her and her friends because they are all in wheelchairs.
Wow! What an honor to be able to offer laughter to people who have been there and more. It could not have come at a better time. I just got my first bad review for my new book Wrinkles, Waistlines and Wet Pants. All my other reviews have been excellent but this one hurt. A younger woman, she chastised me for finding age-related body issues and health something to laugh about. She felt that our older readers deserved better. Hmm. Wait till she hits 60!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Captive Audience Unplugged

The birth of a blog...cause for celebration. A new place for me to unload my views on life as a Baby Boomer. A place to share issues with my perceptions on Low Maintenance Lifestyle and what it has meant to me. A forum for those of us who, instead of being out jogging, exercising and purchasing organic food and supplements, are laughing our asses off at stories on the computer about people just like us.
There are a lot of us, from what I can tell. Boomers with humor. Boomers with leaky bladders, and midlife bulges, and aversion to exercise. Boomers who know the location of every restroom in every mall within a 25 mile radius from home. People who lived before Technology World came to haunt our every function, from turning on the TV to just answering the phone. Boomers who still think "hardware" is something you buy at an Ace Hardware Store and are waiting for pay phones to come back on the side of the road. I am working on my second women's humor book right now, as yet unnamed, and the topic that I am researching is currently the fact that parents have switched over from naming their kids normal kid-like names. Instead of naming them after relatives, or naming them current popular names, they are looking for names that challenge the best of spellers. Every school teacher of that child from kindergarten through 12th grade and beyond will struggle with pronunciation and disbelief. How about a girl named "Mergetroid" or a boy named "Biomunit"? And it doesn't end there. There are very creative founding fathers of towns and cities all over the globe. (Many of them seem to be in Australia).
How'd you like to live in Toad Suck, Arkansas or Broad Bottom, Kentucky?
As I continue my research, I will also be checking on unusual holidays.
Holidays for tomorrow include Lasagna Day and National Chili Dog Day. Better hang onto those antacids.