Sunday, August 11, 2013

      OMG you are going to say. A post from Jeanne Kraus! Where has she been? Well, I am back and hopefully will continue to be. What dragged me out again? 

                             Resignation To The Way Things Are.

     I was at a party the other day and one of the guests remarked that it was nice and noteworthy that there was no one busy on their cell phone, no one texting, not one had even taken their phone out during the day. And we were talking with each other. Of course this was a get-together for baby boomer aged adults, and no one under 45 was invited.

     I reflected on that comment. It was true. We all focused on each other, and had no use for the cell phones that often take over today's get-togethers.

     For the first time though, I sort of understand it. I agree that I liked it better when we all talked, played games, interacted, but the world has changed. And we are sounding a bit like our parents, “What’s the matter with you listening to that long hair beatle music and watching that whipper-snapper twist his hips?” The truth is, we don’t like the current social groups because we are not used to them, we did not grow up with them, and our way is always the best.

     So I am trying to understand the fascination with the games online, and the tweeting and the texting and the emailing. And I admit there is something magical about texting your son and having him come on in about a minute and less and answer your comment. So its not all bad, just different.
                 But here’s my top ten of irritations of the cell phone age.
        People talking on cell phones in restaurants while their family sits quietly  by, waiting for them to finish. Nearby tables are also waiting.
        People who HAVE to answer their call, even if they are in line to pay for their groceries and do the whole process juggling groceries, car keys, credit card and phone.
       People who talk on speaker phones in public so you can REALLY hear everything.
       People in meetings who always have have to take phone calls during the meeting. Their ring tones are loud renditions of marching sounds that will forever play out in my brain as earworms.
      People who totally ignore signs in Dr. offices, asking for all cell phones to be turned off.

    People who are on the cellphone as they are driving. (cars, bikes, what-not)

    People who are on the cellphone as they have "quality" time with their child.
    People who wear earpieces on their ears permanently because their calls are extremely important.
         People who are texting while you are having a conversation with them.
    Trying to pretend that you do not hear the intimate conversation going on with the stranger next to you.

     So don't misunderstand. I have a cell phone and I know how to use it. Well, sort of. Most of it is a mystery. You won't see me carry it everywhere with me because there is rarely anything of that importance that cannot wait. The best things about cell phones?

     You don't have to get out of the car to find a phone booth.
     You don't have a party line.
     There is no cord attached to them!
     And they come in more than just basic black.