Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Captive Audience Unplugged

The birth of a blog...cause for celebration. A new place for me to unload my views on life as a Baby Boomer. A place to share issues with my perceptions on Low Maintenance Lifestyle and what it has meant to me. A forum for those of us who, instead of being out jogging, exercising and purchasing organic food and supplements, are laughing our asses off at stories on the computer about people just like us.
There are a lot of us, from what I can tell. Boomers with humor. Boomers with leaky bladders, and midlife bulges, and aversion to exercise. Boomers who know the location of every restroom in every mall within a 25 mile radius from home. People who lived before Technology World came to haunt our every function, from turning on the TV to just answering the phone. Boomers who still think "hardware" is something you buy at an Ace Hardware Store and are waiting for pay phones to come back on the side of the road. I am working on my second women's humor book right now, as yet unnamed, and the topic that I am researching is currently the fact that parents have switched over from naming their kids normal kid-like names. Instead of naming them after relatives, or naming them current popular names, they are looking for names that challenge the best of spellers. Every school teacher of that child from kindergarten through 12th grade and beyond will struggle with pronunciation and disbelief. How about a girl named "Mergetroid" or a boy named "Biomunit"? And it doesn't end there. There are very creative founding fathers of towns and cities all over the globe. (Many of them seem to be in Australia).
How'd you like to live in Toad Suck, Arkansas or Broad Bottom, Kentucky?
As I continue my research, I will also be checking on unusual holidays.
Holidays for tomorrow include Lasagna Day and National Chili Dog Day. Better hang onto those antacids.

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