Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Forecast for Tomorrow

I hope you have nothing planned for Sunday because it will be a busy holi-day day. First and foremost, both Friendship and Girlfriend's Day, which in many cases can be an all-in-one. It is just one of those nicey nice days. Respect for Parents is one I will point out to my two grown sons just in case they miss it. It is also US Air Force Day (yay) and World Wide Web Day which you can celebrate by using your computer. It is also National Minority Donor Awareness Day, not to be confused with National Majority Donor Awareness Day which comes sometime....later.
Once I get through all the holidays tomorrow I plan to paint. Well, I plan to help George paint. Actually I might just supervise. I don't know what is happening to me. Last summer I went crazy and painted my office in bright green with sherbet orange trim. I love it. Bright colors with lots of junk laying around. It looks great. Now I want to redo my bedroom. I removed our expensive duvet and down comforter and beautiful sheets that we paid mucho bucks for a few years ago and gave them to my oldest son for his bedroom. Now I want to paint the walls in 2 bright colors and cover the bed with a brightly colored quilt and totally change the look of it. Same for the living room. The last time I did these kinds of things I was pregnant. 30 years ago.That would be a major miracle. Not a good one. I worked out with Arnaldo. It was a rough weekend. My cleaning lady, Ana, is going to be leaving me, not as a friend but as a helper in my home. My trainer, the third one, is leaving me to go in the National Guard. Today we started videotaping him doing the same exercises he has shown me for 2 years and I still can't remember. He has become a good friend and I will miss him greatly.

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