Friday, July 30, 2010

A Mixed Up Day

My life is a series of compare and contrast. In one day, I can experience highs and lows of unbelievable differences. The low today is losing my cleaning person but on the other hand, we could use that extra money. Another low is that means George would be doing the cleaning. Along with the temporary extra money till we hire someone else, the garbage disposal went wacky today necessitating a call to John the plumber.
In addition, all my well-laid plans for paying bills went awry. I made a list at the beginning of the week of the order in which I would pay everything at the end of this week, and the money I expected to get this week never materialized so it was a lost effort.
George and I know we need to get more exercise. So we decided to take a walk in the evening when it cools off. Great idea except that is also the best time to work in the garden. Pick and in garden (preferred) or work on us. Guess which one won?
Tomorrow morning at 6:45 AM I have a radio interview about my book. I love radio interviews. I could make a living out of just calling in to radio stations and chatting with the DJ's. Well, that is of course, if someone would pay me to do it.
Our most exciting thing today was that we bought some flowering vines to put in our trellis thing and it will be beautiful soon. After we get it set up.

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