Thursday, July 29, 2010

Holiday Plans

Tomorrow, Friday July 30th is a day to celebrate some of the lesser-known holidays. Start out with "Father-in-Law Day". Now if you have not noted this holiday before you might want to skip it, because he may wonder why you never honored it before. It is also "Cheesecake Day" which I certainly feel like celebrating.

In addition, you may be interested in "National Talk in an Elevator Day." First of all, make sure there is someone else in the elevator and that he/she does not look like a suspicious lurker. After you have ascertained that, then feel free to chat with them. Questions like...

Do you come here often?
Where are you going?
Do you get panicky in elevators?

...will open up avenues of conversation that you never knew existed. By the time you get to your floor, you will have made a new friend! Celebrate tomorrow!

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