Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fly Away!

One of my favorite kinds of writing is poetry and yes, does rhyme. I am very careful with my rhyming and work at it for endless hours, making sure that it fits well into my theme. Here is one I wrote a couple of years ago. It was to be in an anthology for Lee Bennett Hopkins but it didn't work out. So I thought I would try a change of pace today and put out one of my poems.
Fly Away!
By Jeanne Kraus
Rev Sept 1, 2008

Flies are swarming our front door.
We don’t want flies here any more.
With sticky pads on hairy feet,
flies carry germs that aren’t so sweet.

One by one I stalk each pest
The last invader’s not impressed.
He’s zooming, zipping far and wide;
determined to remain inside.

His buzz, buzz, buzzing multiplies,
He’s mocking me with compound eyes.
He rockets, soars in loop-de-loops,
he swims the backstroke in my soup!

Annoying, taunting, bugging, teasing,
his presence here is so displeasing.

I’m on the prowl.
I’ll get him now!

The wall he scales is way too high
He’s out of reach, this wily fly.
He moves across the ceiling tile
in creepy-crawly insect style.

I raise my arm, my weapon poised;
his feet are warning.. human noise!
He senses air that whistles by
My arm comes down…SWAT!

One more try…


Matt said...

I love it. Well done.

Jeanne said...

Thanks Matt.Too bad it did not work out for the anthology. Oh well! :)

Sharon said...

Great poem. Funny and expressive of our fly angst.