Sunday, August 15, 2010


Once again technology has reared its ugly head in my direction, making me look like a fool. My first problem today is that I wanted to add some links to my blog. Not only did I manage to de-link my old links, I could not get what I wanted done, despite the step-by-step directions provided for me. Will try again tomorrow.
Then Kayla, our roommate, brought over her boyfriend today. We had not met him before but he is a wonderful nice guy with a big smile. He is tall. George and I felt quite shrunken next to him.
Anyway his specialty is computers and he just finished school. So he proceeded to tell me about how a Wi-Fi works. Kayla calls him "J".
J: "So you connect this router and this cord and need this password and you are set up for internet."
Jeanne: "Uh huh."
J: "Do you have a router?"
Jeanne: "I don't know."
I start rooting around in my desk drawers, piling everything that looks like a wire into his hand.
"Are any of these what you need?"
"No. Do you get internet on your little laptop?"
"I don't know. Maybe."
"Let's look."
We get all excited. I DO get internet. It is right there on my laptop. How cool is that?
When J finished telling me about the Wi-Fi, which I keep confusing with Hi-Fi, like when I was growing up, I say,
"Well, J. That was all very entertaining.I hope you don't expect me to be able to comprehend any of that though."
I just wanted to make sure he knew what he was dealing with. For now, don't click on my links....

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