Friday, August 6, 2010

Holidays for Saturday

As it turns out, I am going to need a holiday on Saturday. Today has been crazy busy. Tutoring at 8:45 AM, and working on emails and paperwork all morning. Then George and I decide to paint the master bedroom, which, like most of the house, except my office, has stayed a kind of dirty white since we moved in a bunch of years ago. We had some of the green paint left from my office and I like it so that is how we started. But we only had enough to cover one wall. So we argued about a few colors.
George is color-blind. I don't know why he cared but he did. We agreed on sunny yellow. 1 green wall and 3 sunny yellow walls. We get to Home Depot and I pick out a sunny yellow little sample card and show it to George.
He frowned. "I was thinking of a more rosy yellow." (Huh?)
We went over to the paint swatches till he found a peach color. Who cares? I said OK and we started painting today. We have one green wall and one peach wall. Its like living in Marshmallow Peepsville. We may have to accessorize...
Ok back to holidays.Saturday is a big day. BIG! Let's start out with "Lighthouse Day." Give thanks for all the lighthouses. If you live near one, honk as you go by. We also need to celebrate "National Mustard Day." Now, this even includes Dijon so let's start thinking. Activities could include a hot dog roast, using mustard to finger-paint, or a rousing game of "Clue" (Colonel Mustard!)
Next is "Particularly Preposterous Packaging Day." I celebrate this day by packaging up something to take to the Post Office, something in a package that will create a buzz among all the people waiting in line and to make the postal employees' heads spin around a couple of times. It is also "Professional Speakers Day." Enjoy a workshop or convention tomorrow and be sure to thank the speaker for their contributions to our world.
Tomorrow is also Twins Day. I don't know what activities they have up their sleeves, but I am sure it is something. Double the fun, double the headaches. That's twins for you. Be aware that Sunday is a big holiday day also. Don't save some of these holidays for Sunday because you will have more than enough to keep you busy!


Carol said...

Hugh really can't see subtlety in shading; also, he has no color memory at all. It sounds like George sees too much subtlety and I am just imagining the accessories now! Whose side gets the green?

Matt said...

Lighthouse day! No wonder the Hillsboro Lighthouse will be open to the public. They only do it four times a year and we were lucky enough to see it last time around and joined the lighthouse society. We'll be going again tomorrow.

Jeanne said...

Well, Matt, you could combine your holidays by having a hot dog with mustard and you and your wife dressing as twins as you visit a lighthouse today. Multi-task. Think big.