Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wednesday Holidays

Wednesday is Cupcake Day. Now you can easily celebrate this. Cupcakes are the greatest thing ever invented. As you are eating your cupcake browse through your Mail Order catalog because it is Mail Order Catalog Day. Order whatever you want. Pay for it on your credit card. Feel free as the wind. Today is to celebrate catalogs. Shopping without leaving your house. Great plan. Of course, then when we come to National Pay Off Your Debt Day, you will be up the creek. (If there is such a holiday.)
But now the important holiday. It is "Bad Poetry Day." Many people write bad poetry, but they do it with the misguided idea that it is good poetry. However, there are many people who write Bad Poetry just to write bad poetry. And guess what ? You can find it on the internet.So, as usual, I am doing the research so you can reap the benefits. If there are any benefits.
Here is one called Underwear by Pogi&S
they were pink
he recalled
as he got out
of his blue ones
weren't u wearing pink bunny?
he asked her coyly
bunny din't say, but
just lay
wondering if she should care
about her boyfriend
stealing her underwear.
Then we have Untitled by Padraic Fitzcarraldo
If you ever say to someone,
"Read this poem.
It means so much to me."
They will read it
and it will mean nothing to them.

Very very true!

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