Thursday, August 19, 2010


As far as I am concerned, today's holiday hit the spot. Cory and Ashlee came over for dinner. Ashlee performed magic on my computer and now my links work and together we all celebrated "Black Cow Root Beer Float Day". Yummy!
I know that you're anxious to know what's coming up tomorrow so don't let me keep you waiting. First of all tomorrow is Men's Grooming Day. I have already informed George, who then asked, "So you want me to shave?" It is also "Virtual World's Day."
I looked up information on this holiday and it is not one that we personally will celebrate but it seems that everyone around us is celebrating with all their virtual games and stuff. I personally have not mastered the interest in all this stuff.
Just a head's up! Saturday is "Hug your boss day." I am planning to celebrate this tomorrow because I am off Saturday. And I am not going to track him down on the weekend for a hug!

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