Thursday, August 5, 2010

Holidays for Tomorrow

Well, as my friend, Mr. Pensive Sarcasm himself, has noted on his blog, I am a bit of a tecchie dinosaur. As a matter of fact, I typed in the title of this post and hit the wrong button so I had a post with just "Holidays for Tomorrow." on it. But thanks to my quick-witted thinking I was able to go back and complete the work.

Holidays for tomorrow...Well, you need to plan to do some work ahead for this one.
1. It is Hiroshima Day. A little research might be good here.
2. It is also Braham Pie Day. Now, here is the problem. I did not know what kind of pie that was but I was thinking it couldn't be good. The only thing that came to mind was that the word reminds me of a Brahma Bull and that would make it bull pie, which does not sound like a good thing. So I researched it for you. It turns out that Braham, Minnesota, yes, its a town, considers itself the Homemade Pie Capital. Tomorrow is their Pie Festival. So if any of you live in that area, could you please send me some pie?

Last, but not least, it is National Fresh Breath (Halitosis) Day. I cannot emphasize the importance of this holiday. The other day I meant a man that had breath that could knock you off the Sears Tower. Putrid rotting breath. It almost killed me. So please celebrate. I have some great suggestions for this holiday.

1. Hand out mints to anyone suffering from Halitosis.
2. Gently place a stick on note to their shirt, when they are not looking, advising
them of their breath problem.
3. Pinch your nose shut when you are assaulted by bad breath. They will recognize
that as a hint.
4. Wear a T-shirt with the message, "Have you checked your breath today?"
5. Check your own breath. I'm doing mine now.

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