Friday, August 20, 2010

Holidays for Saturday

First of all, in itself, Saturday is a welcome holiday when you have just started back at school. I celebrated "Hug Your Boss Day" today since I did not know if I would see him tomorrow. Also Jan our assistant principal got a hug.
Saturday is an important day. It is also National Homeless Animals Day. There are so many without homes, all of which I would bring home with me if George would permit it. He thinks three cats and one wiener dog are enough, though.
Saturday is also Poet's Day, not to be confused with our previous holiday, Bad Poetry Day. It is also Senior Citizen's Day. The age of senior citizens varies from place to place. Some places offer senior prices to people 50 and over. Some 60 and over, some 65. Saturday is a day to be patient with the white-haired men driving huge oversized cars slowly down the highway. It is a day to remember that we will all be seniors someday.
Add to that Daffodil Day and you have a nice collection of holidays to celebrate.
Whatever I do for these holidays, you can be sure of one thing. I will be glad to be home.

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