Sunday, August 22, 2010

The First Day of School

Big day tomorrow. The first day of school is amazing. As a reading specialist I have only two jobs tomorrow. Make sure each child gets to their class and make sure they all get home. I will spend most of my day determining how our "Mystery Students" get home. They come to school without knowing how they will go home. And since kids don't come with an instruction manual, we have to devote long hours on the telephone to make sure everyone will go home at the end of the day.
The beginning of school is like no other beginning. The kids are scrubbed and excited, but a little shy until they get the hang of it. There will be some crying kindergartners, but there will be more crying kindergarten moms. Parents will have to be ushered out because they won't want to leave their children. What an awesome responsibility a school has, and one we do not ever take lightly.
"Back to School" will be my holiday of choice for Monday. For those of you who do not celebrate this date, you can celebrate "Valentino Day." If you are interested, go to Wikipedia and look up information on the life of Rudolph Valentino. I read it and it was quite a life I tell you! Unfortunately the "Latin Lover", as he was called, died at age 31 from complications after appendicitis. I won't give away the rest of his life, but the words "lesbian love triangle" and "dildo" figured prominently in the story. For 31 years, he had a lot of history!

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