Monday, August 2, 2010

Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle has occupied my thoughts quite a bit since she became famous. Ever since her coming out performance which I viewed over and over on a YouTube video, I have wondered how she is doing. Here she was, a nobody in a little town, who was, from all accounts, rather lonely and unhappy. She had some learning disabilities as a young person and was taunted in school. From these early unhappy beginnings came this most beautiful voice. I was very taken with her story. Right away I wanted to move to her town.
"George!" I said. "I have an idea. Susan Boyle is just freaking out with all of the publicity. Overnight all of her life has changed and it's very hard emotionally for her. I want us to move over there and take care of her. She will have someone she can trust. She needs a cushion to protect her from the media. We could be her friends." I looked at George.
"You just want to move over to Scotland?" He looked at me, disbelieving.
"Yeah. I am going to retire soon. And we can write her a letter and tell her we are available to support her and help her out. It would be fun. And she deserves it. She has had a hard life."
George thought. "What would we do with the animals?"
"Take them with us of course. Diana took all of her animals, I think it was 1 dog and 5 cats, when she and Don moved to France. It just about drove her out of her mind as they unloaded all these pet carriers but she did it."
George turned down my idea. "We can't move to Scotland. You'd be away from the kids. My mother."
As it turned out Susan Boyle seems to have adjusted to the limelight and there is probably a George and Jeanne type couple helping her out right now. But the thought was there.

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