Monday, August 30, 2010

Typical Monday

Today I went to work really tired. Did not sleep hardly at all last night and I was feeling it as I walked through the door of Margate Elementary School. It was one of those days. On lunchroom duty today, I herded kindergarten and first grade children toward the trash compactor. The original idea was that they put their tray on the shelf, give it a little shove and it goes into the compactor cleanly and efficiently. But we're talking about 5 and 6 year old kids. Anything liquid, which today was mostly milk, barbecue sauce and juices, splattered on the walls, on the floor and on me. Somehow someone missed the window entirely and a big wad of mashed potatoes ended up on the floor directly under my feet. A puddle of milk made walking dangerous so I had to put up a Caution sign till we got it mopped up. Phew! I barely escaped with my life.
I really didn't think anyone was out to get me. Not yet anyway. On the way home, we were stopped at an intersection waiting for the light to change when the man in the next car, near me, mind you, opened his car door and leaned out.
"Gross!" I said to George. "He is going to spit. I hate that when people do that. It is so disgusting."
I would have settled for spitting however. In one second, he had barfed up his lunch right in my field of vision. I was mesmerized and watched him throw up again. I'm glad Monday is almost over.


Matt said...

Sweet Holy Moses! What a day! Mine sucked too.

Jeanne said...

I liked your comment. The computer tried to link me to "Holy Moses" and it had all kinds of biblical references! Sorry to hear your day sucked but at least you were not throwing up next to your car. It could be worse.