Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Holidays for Tomorrow

I realize I did not address the holidays for tomorrow and Thursday yet. Being that you need to prepare, you should know ahead of time so here they are. First of all, tomorrow on Wed, we celebrate Coast Guard Day. I am serious about that one. Florida has a long shoreline and we need to have our protectors there to check out boats and problems along the border. Which brings us to our next holiday tomorrow. What a perfect thing to do. Stop by that Coast Guard station with some hot cookies out of the oven, chocolate chip of course. Wednesday is National Chocolate Chip Day. Yum on that.If you are not near a Coast Guard station, eat them yourself and send them a picture. No. That would be mean.

Big day coming up on Thursday. First of all it is International Beer Day. Now I think that should be of interest to many people who drink beer. They can still drink beer, just more of it. Now me, I am not a beer drinker, but maybe a root beer can count (in a frosty cold mug!) Mmmm. And the best is saved for last...Thursday Is National Underwear Day. Need some suggestions for National Underwear Day?
1. Clean out your underwear and throw out anything that looks disgusting and ratty.
2. Wear no underwear!
3. Trade underwear with your spouse for the day.
4. Wear your underwear backward.
5. Wear your underwear outside your clothes.
Enjoy Underwear Day. It only comes once a year. I think.


Matt said...

Jeanne, what a great layout. Did you steal it?

Jeanne said...

Why yes, I lifted it from a fellow writer who knows how to use a mouse with ease! Loving this new blog!