Saturday, August 14, 2010

Best Friends

There are several holidays for tomorrow. One of them is "National Relaxation Day." It comes on the last day of the summer vacation for teachers so I hope they heed this holiday and spend some time with their families. We could use more of this holiday. One a week would be okay with me.
Tomorrow also is Best Friends Day. I suppose this might be celebrated more by women than men. I am always amazed and grateful at the friends that have entered my life and changed it for the better. Some hang around for a long time, some are there for just a short while, but all of them make a difference to me in who I am and who I can become. As years go by, and circumstances change, friends move on to other friends who fulfill their needs in a different time and space. New friends become important to you. Tomorrow I will be reflecting on all of the loving people who have been important to me in my life. I hope that in some small way, I have made a difference to them.

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