Sunday, March 27, 2011

Names, Names, Names

     FIrst of all, I must say that this wonderful information comes from They have some really neat things on their website for us humor people and so I travel over there frequently and see what is the latest. I have done a lot of research on odd and downright disgusting things that people name their kids but I found these names to be a little different. I find that the British often have very quirky behavior at times so it is not surprising that I enjoyed reading this collection of unusual names.

     The top 20 unusual names that they came across were...

     1. Shy
     2. Unity
     3. Bean
     4. Zowie (for a hyperactive child, perhaps?)
     5. Puppy
     6. Ice (The Ice Man Cometh)
     7. Victory
     8. Porsche
     9. D'Andre
    10. Denim
    11. Diesel (hopefully a boy)
    12. Armani
    13. Rooney
    14. Bowie
    15. Cobain
    16. Stone (Like Rock Hudson)
    17. Gift
    18. Echo
    19. Heaven
    20. Maroon

I found "Bean" and "Puppy" to be rather endearing nicknames but only till they graduated from training wheels to a 2 wheeler. I can't even comment on Maroon. And "Shy" and "Zowie" seem to be self-predicting. Of course you could combine some of these for middle names and get some nice combos like Zowie Bean, Shy Echo, Maroon Armani, or Shy Puppy. It's got possibilities.


Susan Kane said...

As a teacher, I hated seeing the list of new students' names, and finding some wacky name that the parents dreamed up. What were they thinking!?
Fortunately, my students always thought the name was 'cool', so it worked out.

nindogs said...

Hahaha, Maroon!

I do like Zowie, and I already had Rooney and Bowie on my baby names list. What does that say about me? (:

I remember there was a Brittany Murphy movie where her ex-boyfriend was called Bean.

Susan Fields said...

Those were fun! I absolutely adore names, especially unusual ones. One nice thing about being a writer is that I can name my characters all those oddball names I'd never names my children. I actually really like Cobain.

Bodacious Boomer said...

I kinda like Echo. I actually knew a woman who named her kids Lexus and Infinity. Sadly I'm sure we'll be seeing some child named Prius soon too.

Jeanne said...

How about Linguini? And Darvon? Both names I have heard.

Michael Offutt said...

I once met a black woman who had named her daughters Syphillis and Gonorhea. I was shocked. She had no idea these were sexually transmitted diseases and thought the names sounded pretty when she had seen them listed somewhere.

Jeanne said...

Well I guess Syphilis has a lilting faerie-like sound to it but Gonorhea just sounds horrible.
How about Pustules? Or Scabies? Hmm. The medical field has a lot to offer in the way of names.

Misha said...

Ah yes... the weird name phenomenon.

Always makes me wonder why parents have children when they obviously hate them that much. ;-P

Rebecca Dupree said...

I thought about the name Bean for our daughter, but then reality took over and I named her Alice!

Margo Kelly said...

Fun post! Love names.

Anonymous said...

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