Friday, March 4, 2011

Charlie's Sheen

     Well, here I am sitting at home with my fractured knee-bone in a cast and bored out of my skull. I can't be up for too long. Got to keep the knee elevated which is not the best position in a long cast from hip to ankle. Bout all I can do effectively is watch TV, nothing with any intricate plot or substance to it because my focus is not good with me being laid up and all.  I have seen many episodes of Law and Order, and NCIS, remembering David McCallum fondly as Illya Kuryakin from The Man from UNCLE.

     Discoveries I have made:

     You can watch Law and Order a few times, then flip the channel and see some of the same episodes again in case you were dozing.

     I have about $1500.00 worth of stuff I want to order from the TV. There is some really cool stuff on there.

     There is no more Regis and Kelly, just Kelly but today she had Josh Groban on and he was adorable.

     I have been keeping way too updated on Charlie Sheen's latest moves. Every sound, every expression, every nuance of expression. It is amazing how people get into the destruction of a human being, bit by bit. I am thinking that my knee in a cast is just a small problem compared to his. I am also thinking that even me, with my paper shorts on my head, appears to be more normally situated than Charlie Sheen. And I wonder how his Dad is coping with all of this.

     And I have time to appreciate my little wiener dog, the faithful dog who sleeps at my side. She gets up and follows me everywhere and lays down again wherever I go. Then when I go back, she is there again, my protector and my heart.

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