Friday, March 11, 2011

More Bizarre Thoughts from Jeanne

     Call it boredom from being home with this frickin' cast for 2 weeks. YOU are the winners, though. I have some new interesting observations for you. Lucky readers.

First some more ads.

These first 2 are pathetic.

The first one features a Rubber Woman for Sale. Now it is bad enough that it is a Rubber Woman. But she is only $10.00. And she was used "Three Times!"

A few months ago FreeCycle offered a partial tube of Vagisil. Somehow that made me feel a little squeamish. I noted that in a later post, however, it was taken. Guess there is hope for the Rubber Woman.

Here is another one of my favorites: For Sale: Homemade Portable Toilet. Great for Parades.

Here is an interesting trade offered: Older Clothes Dryer: Works well but needs new home. Will trade for 2 large packages Oreo Double-Stuff cookies, unopened. (I don't even know what to say about this one.)

Or how about a 1990 Subaru for Sale: 5-speed, fuel injection, new brake and drum. New exhaust system. 4 new street tires included, 2 studded. Body in great shape. Engine gone but still runs. Just $500.00. (What?)

For Sale: New Christmas Nativity Scene (No Mary, Joseph or Jesus) $100.00

Seems to me that these items are sadly lacking in one thing or another.


Sharon said...

Oh yuck! Now I'm glad I don't spend much time surfing the net. Funny, thanks for sharing.

Regina said...

More than lacking and seriously have doubts about those who took those items into their homes. Ahhhggg! Wow, those are some really strange posts. Thanks for sharing! :D

Jeanne said...

There's something for everyone, I guess!

Angela Scott said...

Oh I got a good chuckle out of that.

All I can say, some people are weird. It's amazing what some people will buy.