Sunday, March 6, 2011

Humor Needed Badly

     OK I have been sitting around watching reruns on TV, limping around on my cast, and generally annoyed at both my knees for failing me at various times in my life. Time for some funny stuff. I researched "funny stuff" and, as usual, came up with a plethora of unusual stories.

     First of all some funny ads that caught my eye.

See What Happens!
22 year old white male, 6'4" and 190 lbs. Janitorial master, once cleaned 3 bathrooms in 20 minutes. Seeks 19-32 year old female. (My husband too can clean 3 bathrooms in 20 mins.)

Handsome Rake

Out of work leaf raker/bagger seeks whimsical beauty with unkempt auburn or chestnut hair, cool and coarse hands, and a penchant for whistling.

Talking Dog

Speaks in 4 languages, only $50.00


Tag Heuer mens watch with bright yellow dial, it's not gay, it's European.


Spanish Tooter needed for a 7 year old student. (A Tooter? Really?)

Winter Sale

5 Horse Americana snow blower, tecumseh engine, track drive, good shape. Used only on snowy days.

More to come tomorrow! Visit for more examples!


Donea Lee said...

Hi Jeanne!! So sorry - I've been meaning to get back to you. :) Ah, I love to hear that you have a wiener dog just like mine. Sammy's a baby compared to your Maggie ~ he'll turn 1 at the first of April. But, already the little guy has crept into my heart. He's such a little lover dog!

So sorry to hear about your knee. I hope it heals well and soon! Take care ~

Sunkissed Adventures said...

haha... I think mom needs a tooter too!!

Sharon said...

I think I'll put a bid on the leaf raker.
So funny.