Friday, June 3, 2011

My Window Over the Years

     We bought our house about 9 years ago. The neighborhood was about 25 years old with nice sized lawns and lots of green everywhere. Our lawn is over-sized, a corner lot and we loved the openness of it all. For about 5 years we were very happy. We could go out on our back porch and watch the birds and enjoy the breezes.

OK so this was not our real backyard. But I can pretend.

Black links replaced greenery.
     Times have changed. Our neighbor behind us moved and sold his house. We really did not know them well and do not know the new neighbors either. They are nice enough people. The first thing they did that made us a little sad was to put up a chain link fence.

     The view was no longer really pretty and green but we still had the breeze. They started filling up their back yard with attractive porch furniture and a gazebo. Then a wooden swing set for their young son. In 4 years, we saw the outside BBQ and porch/gazebo used maybe once or twice. Now they have removed the swing set, the gazebo must have blown away in a strong wind. The unused porch furniture remains.  They have added a dog to the backyard. He started out as a puppy in the house and once the fence went up, much to his dismay, he became more of an outdoor dog. I now spend my time looking out the window and wishing they would let him in when he wants in. He looks so lonely.

     Well, he may not be lonely for long. Today they are installing a quite large trampoline. It is close enough to the fence, that we may get to see some entertainment on a daily basis. They are installing a big net around it to discourage people from hurtling into our yard like jet-propelled missiles. All of this just before the start of hurricane season. It could be an interesting summer.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps the trampoline will join the gazebo wherever it went.

Susan Kane said...

The trampoline will last as long as there are no broken bones. But, the poor dog--those people haven't figured out what they should be doing with the big back yard.

Su said...

Shame about the lack of jet-propelled visitors.

Jeanne said...

That could change at any....Aaugh, duck, everyone!

Bodacious Boomer said...

If they were nice, they'd let the dog use the trampoline. It isn't well-known but dogs love to jump on one.