Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What's New in the News?

Le Wiener
Hot Diggety Dog!
More pictures have surfaced of Congressman Weiner, this time on the treadmill at the Capitol naked, filming himself for posterity (sorry, accidental pun). In my humble opinion, Weiner is a wiener and they need to kick his naked butt from here to Timbuctoo. People have been very vocal on the situation, mostly, I suspect, because they like to call him a Weiner. Picketers on both sides of the issue have lined Washington D.C. government buildings bearing signs such as "Weiner needs to be "mustered" out of our government.", "Weiners are bad for our health!", and "We love the Weiner. Leave his buns alone!"

Gas Prices Are Out of Control!
Is Hugh Through?
     It's a nice change from terrorists, the war and the economy. In addition, I noted Hugh Hefner is having his own problems. Seems as if his future bride sandbagged their upcoming nuptials. Hurray for her I say. She must have gotten a look at his wiener. (Sorry, I couldn't help it).

Blessings to the Fig Leaf.

Something seems missing!

     Last but not least I see in the international news that there is an increased interest in nude hiking in some of the European countries. Germany has a number of clothing optional trails, which are clearly marked so as not to discourage or freak out tourists. From some of the nude hikers that were pictured, and who obviously had indulged in a bit too much beer and "wienerschnitzel," the nude aspect of the hiking was not that appealing.

     And that's the news.


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