Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Spring Cleaning, Freecycling, and Underpants

     Today was a pretty adventurous day in the life of George and Jeanne.  First of all, we did some practice takes on my new YouTube video, No Impact Workouts, which should be done soon once I quit screwing up on the dialogue.

     After a few takes on Training Session Number 1 with helpful comments from my cameraman such as, "You are going to have to be funnier." and "You need to eliminate most of the words." and "OK I admit you need the words but your head is moving too much. Hold your head still."

Spring Cleaning Time

Crap Galore!

     Then an amazing thing happened. We both got in the mood to do some spring cleaning. We cleaned out a couple closets and cabinets, stacking excess stuff on our kitchen counter to free-cycle. While I was on the computer to put in an e-mail about all of our Bargain Crap, I found another free-cycle bargain. 

A woman not too far from here, in Coral Springs, was giving away clean underpants for little boys. 

Free Underpants!
      Yes, I know you are wondering what on earth I would do with a bag of tightie-whities for little boys. My little boys are 34 and almost 30 and these would just about fit on their hands. But I do work in an elementary school and we have pee-accidents almost every day and need replacements for all the underpants we give out. So we are in search of the underpants lady. I have a little trouble putting the address into my Tom-Tom GPS, and have to do it several times. 

Warning: Put the Tom-Tom on the window!
 I love my Tom-Tom. But today something is different. Oh, the route is showing but the voice is not speaking. We keep driving, however, obedient Baby Boomers that we are, until we find the Coral Springs City Limits sign. We have driven several miles and have not yet heard the voice and have not turned off the first main road. My first thought is that someone is trying to get rid of us and programmed our GPS to keep us driving till we reach Wisconsin.

      We pulled off the road and both stared intently at the GPS. I decide to turn it off and on again and reprogram our address. What do you know? It worked. We had gone about 5 miles out of our way to get some boys' underpants. But I figured out the problem.

     I was holding the GPS on my lap, instead of putting it up on the window. I've heard that you should always have it on the window. So it can get the signal. Evidently the only signal it was getting was from the crotch of Jeanne Kraus and that wasn't leading anywhere.

     In case you are wondering we finally picked up the underpants, which are probably way too tiny for most of the kids at my school.

     Now that we are home, I need to figure out what to do with all this stuff I cleaned out!


Anonymous said...

Do you have consignment stores in your area that could sell some of it for you, or a thrift shop. Our usual remedy for excess is to put it on the curb with a free sign.
Our GPS is a Garmin. We were looking at the Tom Toms but the clerk, basing his decision on our white hair, said that the Tom Toms were too difficult to use.

Jeanne said...

I always love your comments. I think we would be friends if we lived less than a continent apart. The Tom TOm is pretty easy. Just don't put it in your lap! We do have consignment stores here but this was not Consignment Quality! In fact, I had a whole list of it to give away so that it would be worth the drive. And someone has already claimed it.

Bodacious Boomer said...

I love Freecycle. The Houston group is ginormous.