Sunday, May 29, 2011

Curious Random Thoughts While Traveling

     I feel like I need to share some random thoughts with you all. They are not things that I necessarily share with my husband.
 I would probably just get the "Hmm!" grunt. One by one, they are not so interesting but maybe all together. You be the judge.

     My first thought is about the people along the highway who are holding signs up to get you to come to a certain business. Some of them are dressed in hilarious outfits, the Statue of Liberty comes to mind, and fruit costumes. Their job is to stand there and wave the sign around to get your attention. It looks hot and tiring. But it is a job, and in these days, I see more of them than I ever did.
A Banana? Really?

She's Still Smiling!


Then I wonder about the people who are always on the street corners with their Help the Homeless T-shirts, passing out a newspaper to anyone who gives a donation. Today, for some reason, I felt the need to donate, after so many years of not donating. Unfortunately, by the time I felt this need and started scrabbling through my bottomless purse, George had started up the car again and the person was left behind in our dust.  That bothered me. 
I can never find what I need in my purse.

     There are a lot of people out there with signs for needing work, needing money. A co-worker told me that she kept bottles of water in the car, along with packets of peanuts, trail mix, etc. She says her offerings were refused one time because the person wanted money.

Is this pre-road rage?
     Today as we were driving and I was thinking about all these things, a car came up on our right side and the driver gave us the finger. Two little harmless people minding their own business and we got the finger. The younger George would have given him the finger back and caught up with him but the current George slowed down and stayed well away from the offending car. We were afraid he might road rage us. And we didn't want our new car, Minnie, to get caught in the crossfire.


Anonymous said...

People on the roads these days are such ingnoramouses. We get beeped at for taking our time to get started through intersections and hollered at for wanting to make an unpopular turn at rush hour. My poor old husband gets quite upset some times.

Darlene said...

I can never find anything in my purse. Doesn't matter if I have a big purse or a smaller purse! Why is that? Surely things would be easier to find in a smaller purse.

Jeanne said...

I have tried everything. If I carry a small purse I take some kind of bag along with me and fill it full of stuff and plus, the small purse can never be zipped because it is too full. The big purse gobbles up everything like crazy.

Rosalind Adam said...

It's quite a sad collection of thoughts that you had on that journey. People less fortunate and people less intelligent (the finger feller). It would be good if we could genuinely share out what we have with others, and that includes both possessions, social awareness and intelligence, but it never quite works out like that, does it.

Retired English Teacher said...

You just never know what you will encounter these days. I would have done the same thing as you did with the guy who gave the finger. Obviously, he had some sort of issue with something.

MC Howe said...

Now, let's not be so quick to judge that finger waver. As much as I'm impressed that Current George maintained his cool, while Younger George might well have earned you both a place in the headlines, I implore you to recall another George.

George Costanza once road-raged someone whom he thought had flipped him off, only to learn upon catching up to the offender, that the person had a broken finger and his hand had been wrapped in a way that the middle finger was perennially in the flip-off position.

Now, don't you feel low?

Susan Fields said...

I've had people threaten road rage at me before - it's a frightening feeling.

Bodacious Boomer said...

George is wise. Protect Minnie at all costs.

Jeanne said...

Thanks for all your comments. MC, I do not recall that episode of Seinfeld. That is unusual for me since I have memorized most of them. I will have to look for it in the reruns. Sounds pretty good!