Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ok Just One More

    I did promise you a blog related to auctions and underwear so I guess it's time to bring it out. Today is a gorgeous sunny day in South Florida and I know how lucky I am to be here instead of the snow or ice-covered areas of the world. Rather than rejoicing outside, I am in here and preparing to write about the auctioning of underwear. It is not just any old underwear, though. (Well, it is old...but it is royal underwear.)

     An auction house in England wants to put up Queen Elizabeth II's unmentionables for sale. This is no new job for this particular auction house...they sold Queen Victoria's bloomers for $9,000. In the article I read, there were pictures of the aforementioned undergarments. The pictures caused an avalanche of not-so-genteel comments from readers.

     What would you do with someone else's used knickers? Are royal ones special enough to be worth having something that might creep people out? And what does Queen Elizabeth think about all of this? I don't know. It is a complicated issue. All I can say is, when I become famous, please do not auction off my underwear or my shoes. Neither should see the light of day, nor the light of the paparazzi.
As for me, when I see a regal pose of Queen Elizabeth now, all I can think about is, "I know what is under there. And it ain't pretty."


Jeff said...

There's a man somewhere that bought the queen's underwear and secretly wears them to every one of his board meetings. I guarantee it.

Jeanne said...


Sharon said...

Jeff: does it make him feel powerful and wise?
Jeanne, I might buy QEI's unders but not a living persons. 400+ year old unders might be cool to have, not to wear.