Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Empty Nest Again

     Well, I am an Empty Nester again. This is the 5th time, I think. Some people get it right the first time. Not me. Our first Empty Nest experience was defined in my book, if you remember. Cory was moving out, the guest room was ours, we painted it pink and decorated in flowers and lace to ensure he would not be moving back any time soon.
      It was great having a guest room. I could go in and watch TV and read. It was a girlie-girl room. However, not long after getting it all set up with new furniture and carpet and all, we felt that it needed to earn its keep. So we rented out our guest room and the adjoining bathroom. Our first boarder was Michael, a young teacher, good looking, tall. blond and muscular. My heart beat a little faster having Michael in the house. He lived here for a while and then moved back home to the frozen north.

     In no time at all, we had rented out the room to Leandro. He didn't speak much English, was learning, but we loved Leandro. He was such a hard worker and a nice guy. We still keep in touch with him, now that he is married and has a baby.

     Then came Robyn. Along with Robyn came an assorted cast of characters from her family, that were absolutely hysterical and kept us laughing. Robyn had so much energy and enthusiasm, she could just knock you over with her hugs. We missed Robyn a lot when she left. I still miss her family and our good times.

     Last year brought Kayla. Kayla is like the daughter I never had. At least, never had till my son got married and provided me with a daughter-in-law. Kayla has been with me for about 15 months and is now moving out, along with her boyfriend Antwan. It has been a traumatic time during the move. It came upon us rather rapidly. Not the announcement. It came about 2 weeks early.

     As is the case with the younger generation, the packing portion seems to have begun the night before. The room erupted into chaos. As they moved carload after carload over to their new "digs," they reported back to me frequently.

     "We don't have a lamp. Can we borrow a lamp?"
     "Can we take these sheets?" (I don't think they have a bed, but what the hey!)
     "Do you have an extra shower curtain?" No, I don't and I would not let them rip mine off the shower. Although I was tempted.
     "Do you know anyone who wants to give away a flat screen TV?"
     "We don't have a microwave, but its okay because we have only one spoon."
     "Do you want this bottle of Sprite? Whose mashed potatoes are these?"
      And on and on.
     I am putting the ad in today.


Susanna Leonard Hill said...

Sounds like they were all lucky to find a home with you for a while :)

Jeff said...

"We don't have a microwave, but its okay because we have only one spoon."

That's great. :)

Tell them I said hi, and congrats on the new place.

Jeanne said...

The house seems strangely quiet. Not that they were ever noisy. They just completed the house. Jeff, I am sure they will come back to visit when Abbey is here. They are already regretting not seeing her on her visits.
I think we are lucky to share our lives with different people. It is wonderful for writing ideas.

Anonymous said...

We're in the same crusader group. Nice to meet you. Now a follower!


Sharon said...

You are brave letting young people you don't know live in your house. Good for you. Loved the "We don't have a microwave..." line.

Loved Jeff's blog too, but it wouldn't let me comment. Welcome to blogging, Jeff.

Robyn Campbell said...

Hi there. I'm NOT the Robyn that lived with you, but I am the Robyn that is a fellow crusader with you. Nice to meet you. :)