Saturday, January 29, 2011

Panties Act as GPS!

     The never-ending subject of panties captures your attention again. This time, the ever-handy panty helps to guide an arctic expedition to its ultimate destination. (Get your mind out of the gutter right now.) This is an article I found on, which I think has some very good articles on the usefulness of panties.

     I am happy to say that panties have been responsible for guiding people to where they need to go. (Why does everything sound like a double entendre?) Like seeing eye dogs, compasses, and GPS systems, panties are an inexpensive and clever way to find your way home. (Oops, there it is again!)

     The Catlin Arctic Survey Team takes this low-tech apparel to help them find their way in the freezing waters of the Arctic. Lacy panties at that. I am pretty sure they are not Manties. (See earlier post) The panties billow out like a sail, or wind sock, attached to a ski pole to guide the team to the North Pole. As you can imagine, the magnetic field disallows the use of a compass. The GPS freezes in that cold weather. I can just see the conversation.

     Navigator # 1: "Damn. Our GPS is frozen. How are we going to find ourself around this God-forsaken ice shelf?"

     Navigator #2: "I know. Let's use my handy-dandy compass I got when I was a girl scout."

     Navigator #3: "You know compasses don't work here. We are near the North Pole. Where did you study science anyway?"

     Navigator #2:"You don't have to be mean. Hey I have an idea. Let's use my panties."

     And so, in MacGyver-like fashion, the Panties Directional Guides were born. I'm ordering one for my car antenna.


Bodacious Boomer said...

Obviously I must now go to Gizmodo, for I am confused.

Jody Worsham said...

Oh my. I think somebody must have seen my husband and I at the lake in the late 60's. We had to wash our only pair of underwear in the lake at midnight. Then I drove the boat up and down the lake while my husband held up the underwear like sails to dry. We were so ahead of our time.

Jeanne said...

I have always felt you were ahead of your time. I am concerned about your use of "our only pair." I have seen "Underwear for two" advertised and it looks a mite tricky to get around in. I suspect that you might manage it, though.

Sharon said...

I'll have to borrow my daughters'. They are stick people. Mine might cause a lift off.
Jody - I'd like to see those unders-for-two. Of course, back in the 60s you could get away with most anything.