Sunday, January 23, 2011

To Pee or Not to Pee

     I get a bit of flack from reviewers every now and then for mentioning the "p" word. I don't get it. We all do it, it is part of daily life, get over it. The latest information I have found, though, is that it is being used for fun and games. Let's travel to Japan, where "Streaming Video" has taken on a new meaning.

     I credit this information to my sister, who sent it to me earlier this month. It seems that the Japanese, according to some sources, have developed video games in the bathroom.

     "So what?" you say. "My kids do that all the time."

     According to my excellent sources, these mini-games are hooked up to the urinals and the speed of the game is controlled by the player's urinary efficiency. Yup! The more powerful your stream, the more points you get. A sensor inside the toilet will send the urinary stream information to a screen above the urinal for a visual display.

     One of the games I have heard about is "Mannekin Pis" which is a pee calculator.

     Another is "Graffiti Eraser," where players try to blast graffiti off a wall with the power of their stream.

     The other one is "North Wind and Her" where the participants try to "pee like the wind" and attempt to lift a woman's dress with their powerful urine streams.

     I have some concerns. Obviously this whole system is gender impaired because of the differences in the female anatomy. We have no "hose."

     In addition, how will they account for splashing? Powerful streams can be rather random in their landing.



Wanda said...

That actually made me laugh because I can see it happening. Too funny

Jody Worsham said...

obviously a game for the "younger" crowd. The old menfolk would get a "time's up"

feefioto said...

Obviously meant for boys only.

Sharon said...

Oh yuck!! How disgusting! Sorry I can't give a more dignified response.

Bodaciousboomer said...

Those tallywhackered folks can be crazy indeed.

BTW- I gave you and award. Pop over to my place if you'd like to see about it and learn how to send it on.

Jeff said...

It's just like shooting those clown faces with the water pistols at a carnival. Although, having those clown faces in the urinal would be pretty disturbing.