Thursday, January 27, 2011

Under Where?

     OK, once again the topic of underwear has crept up on me and formed an uncomfortable wedgie that will not go away until I have blogged useless information to you, the reader. Only then can I ease my mind of the images and the What ifs? that assail my imagination.

     First on my list of hot researched topics is something called "manties." These are promoted on a website for panties for men. They are panties that any woman would be proud to wear, satiny-looking and ruffly, delicate and ultra-lite. But they are for men. As the advertisement states, Panties are for women; Manties are for men!

     They are suggested for use on wedding nights, anniversary gifts, even retirement gifts. They even have the Manties of the week collection, so that you can have a pair for every day.  I admit I am having a chuckle or two picturing my husband strutting around in Manties. Especially on our wedding night.

     Now that I have totally grossed you out, be sure to tune in the next few days for some interesting information about panties used for technological purposes, aerial races, and sold on auction!


Joanne said...

Can't see them going over well in my house!

Bodaciousboomer said...

I had to go and see them for myself. Ewwwww....If Doug came to bed wearing a pair of these I'd have his head examined. I guess I'm just not as open minded as I think I am.

Sharon said...

If manties look like what I'm picturing in my mind - yuck! I doubt that any of the men in my family even wear silk boxers.