Monday, January 17, 2011

Back in the Real World

It's Not Nice to Fool With Mother Nature!
     This past weekend I went to the SCBWI Conference in Miami for children's book writers. It was a wonderful experience and the shot in the arm that everyone needed. With Bruce Hale as the "go-get''em keynote speaker, we were, as a writer would say, "hooked."

     It only got better. I learned about tweeting and twirping and facebooking and publishing and such. I caught up with Elaine Landau, our 340+ books to her credit author, who just amazed me by presenting me with a book that was dedicated to 'ol Jeanne Kraus. Wow!

     The Dragonslayer Ball was also a hoot, all these people, many famous and not-so-famous writers, dancing in costume and acting pretty much like, well, like fools. But it was fun!

     I got home, came down from my conference high and just spent 20 minutes on the phone with a man from the Southeast part of the world (he had  a very heavy accent) that wanted to help me open a credit card. Part of the conversation went thus....

     Man:  "Con I ask you if you dibiglleliiigutinhagen flor?"

     Me: "Um, what did you say?"

     Man: "Do you filanthrogin finapplinhoppicanten?"

     Me: "Yes. Whatever."  I guess I will find out what I agreed to in the next few days. Meanwhile, I am writing.

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