Sunday, December 5, 2010

Open and Shut Cases

If you have met me in person you know that I am a firm believer that every time a door shuts in your life, a window, or a new opportunity arises. It happens to me all the time, in my relationships with people, in my job, in my writing career and in my personal life. As of late, however, the doors are shutting faster than I can manage to find the nearest windows. This weekend I am happy because tutoring extra is allowing me to get some extra money for Christmas gifts. Until, Maggie, our precious wiener dog, woke up Saturday with a totally swollen face. We took her to the vet immediately and she needed dental surgery on 3 teeth, to the tune of 1500.00. Door slams.
But they have a credit plan with no interest for one year. Window opens. I can do that and pay it off during the year, provided no other expenses happen.
I have not been marketing my books for the past month. Too much going on. No window in sight. The door is nailed shut. Yesterday, I get a request for an interview and a copy of my book for a review. The window is open again. I feel motivated to work on my marketing strategies.
Since we are living on one car, we thought we would save the cost of a car payment each month to put aside for a new down payment on a car. So far, in the 6 months we have lived with one car, I have saved a partial roll of quarters and one complete roll of pennies. Oh and a one-dollar coin. The year end sales for cars are happening without us. The door is swinging shut rapidly. But there may be a window opening in January, when George is entering Medicare world and off my insurance. Is it possible that we could save some money then? Hope blooms in my soul!


Bodaciousboomer said...

Miss Jeanne I am right there with you, more than you know. Since we've been starting our new business, we're hemorrhaging money. I too am hoping for good things to come. How's your pup doing since her dental work? I hope she's doing better. Keep looking for those open windows!

Joanne said...

That is so true. We've always found that anytime we came up with extra money an extra expense crops up. But at least we can cover it!