Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Key to Life

It has been a crazy week. I keep losing things. I had too much STUFF to deal with all week, on the home front and at work and just could not keep track of everything. Nothing unusual as of late. This week I once again lost my work key. Now I wear my key to my office around my neck with my laminated ID card. I always put it in the same place, almost always anyway, when I take it off. On Wednesday, I got in the car to go to work and noticed. My key was missing. Oh, I had remembered my jingle bell necklaces but my key that I needed all throughout the day? MIA.

I did not go back home to look for it. There wasn't time. I was pretty sure it was at work. So I got to work, annoyed and bothered by the missing ID tag. I made it down to my office and could not get in, of course. Silly me. My door was locked and I had no key. So my friend Daniel kindly let me in. I frantically ripped through everything in my office for about 5 minutes and then had to leave for AM duty. (If you work in a school you know what that is) I went to the cafeteria, ID and keyless, still bothered by the loss. By 9 AM I had decided not to worry myself over it. If it showed up, I would be happy. If not, I would have to report to the office manager that Jeanne Kraus, nitwit, had struck again. Not that that would be a surprise.

Around 12:30, I untangled my 3 bell necklaces and Eureka! There was my ID tag and key hanging around my neck. This meant that (A) It had been there all the time, (B) Someone had sneaked up on me and dropped it over my head when I was not looking, and (C) I found it myself and put it on without thinking.

For me, these are all totally credible possibilities. For now, I shall just enjoy the magic of Christmas and the Return of the Key.

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