Sunday, December 19, 2010

They Call This Low Maintenance?

If you know me, or have read my last book, you are aware that I lead a Low Maintenance Life, frugally saving so many hours in my life that I have added years on to my expected lifetime. My Low Maintenance lifestyle includes cutting back on things such as make-up application longer than 1 minute, hairstyling extravaganzas such as coloring and highlighting, manicures, etc. However, I added on one extra detail as of today.

Every 6 weeks I go in to JC Penney and get my hair washed and cut. I also get my eyebrows waxed. In a burst of interest in my personal appearance, I also had the beautician look at my upper lip.

"Do you think I need to have it waxed?" I asked, sure that she would say no.

"Yes!" she said, as though she had been waiting for that question. "And let's do the sides of your face also."

To be honest, I had noticed that I was sprouting an unattractive peach fuzz on my face. I figured my mother had it, her mother had it. I would be hairy also. But then I decided to do something about it. What the heck. I would go for broke.

A little while later, my face was hairless and ready for her to cut my hair.
She wrapped a towel around my neck under my cape and we were ready.

George arrived to drive me home. I was done so I stood up and headed for the front counter. My hairstylist had to call me back to take off the cape and towel. As I neared the counter to pay, George noted that 2 long hairs were hanging where the towel had covered my neck. So back to the chair for a retouch. As I sat down, I leaned too hard on one side of the chair and tipped it over to the side,nearly going down with me in it.

Altogether it took about 1 hour of my valuable time, which was not too bad. Unfortunately, I had gotten there early and had time to the inexpensive visit wasn't so inexpensive once I spent 65.00 at JCP. But it was all on sale!


sharon said...

Hilarious! A woman who shares my beauty philosophy. What a trip! No injuries, I hope.

Jeanne said...

Sharon, I think you and I have a lot in common. You automatically get what's going on in my life. Actually I am getting prety good at falling. Many times I don't even hit the ground.