Friday, December 24, 2010

Cookie Disasters

On my last blog, I confessed that I did indeed flunk my Crock Pot Virgin Initiation. It seems that my Crock Pot (and a few other things) have a will of their own, wreaking havoc on what could be a normal Baby Boomer life.

The last two days have been cookie baking days. As I have mentioned before, my baking is somewhat better than my regular cooking ability. Which isn't saying much. Today, I had issues with cookie baking, which you can view for yourself in the set of pictures here on my blog.

I started out nicely with Bella the cat helping me to gather my ingredients. Eventually, she had to be shooed off the counter because I created such a mess with my cooking frenzy. I had several batches done when disaster struck. My new cookie sheets are very slippery. As I attempted to remove one sheet of peanut butter cookies (with Hershey's kisses) in the center, the whole tray of cookies slid downward.

Downward to the bottom of the oven, where it caught fire on the heating element. Downward to the seams in the door where it would be difficult to get out. Downward to the floor of the kitchen, where hungry dogs roved.

It was terrible. I screamed. George ran in and beat out the fire. We scooped as many of the crumbs out of the oven as we could.

George threw the defective cookies in the garbage.

Rewind: Jeff, my oldest son, started unwrapping Hershey's kisses again.

I started mixing new batter. Later, a new batch of cookies, unharmed. Voila!


Sharon said...

Oh No!! But all turned out yummy. Enjoy a cookie in my name.

Marti said...

Oh my goodness! Think of it as an "adventure"! :-)

Merry Christmas!

Jody Worsham said...

I have that same kind of cookie sheet! My cookies just slid all over the place but luckily they just bounced around like pinballs before hitting the floor...and cracking into a milliion pieces.