Saturday, December 11, 2010

Which Way Do I Go?

As the holidays approach I find that my attention span takes a lot of twists and turns. Of course, there are the endless Christmas lists, which I write out, lose and write out again. I think I have made 6 or 7 copies this year. A lot of shopping is done online, thank you. Love that convenience. I do not do any crowd-pushing, in-line standing things to get a special item. No one I know wants anything that bad and if they do, they can stand in line themselves.
How my attention veers off, is that I find things I want for myself. George and I don't do much in the way of gifts for each other so when I find something I want, or something I know he would like, I bring it home along with the gifts. TOday's find was buttons that you can attach on your pants when they get too tight and it will loosen up your waistband for you. Not that I know anyone who will need to use them.
For some reason, the Christmas season brings out the organizer in me and you will find me, in addition to wrapping gifts and searching for Christmas decorations, rearranging my files and my office. Today I came home with some bargain binders from Office Depot. 2.5 inch rings with 2 packages of paper included in each binder for 94 cents each. I had to buy them. I wiped out their entire selection.
Next was the annual Christmas cards and letter that probably puts everyone to sleep that reads it. But I have to write it, because it is one of my few traditions that I stick to. Around this time, I start searching for my Christmas decorations and gift wrap. I find my bell necklaces and snowflake earrings and my sets of Xmas socks and my 3 Christmassy sweaters and Santa Hat and I dress with festive pride to go to work.
We have a little Christmas table-top tree, pre-lit, which was greatly appreciated by George. I managed to get him to put it up last week. I started wrapping the gifts that I had gotten and it looks very nice. However, the ornaments and decorations are still stored in the garage so I have that to do tomorrow. By the time I have all the parts of Christmas together, it will be here.
I am also of the mind that when it is over, it's over. It is not unlike me to take the tree down the very next day after Christmas.
Christmas is also Maggie's birthday. Maggie is my little wiener dog and she is a Christmas baby. So we will have to sing HB to her in addition to our Christmas songs.
So as you can see Christmas is a many-splendored thing in our home. The best thing for us though is that we manage to help out someone less fortunate with a dinner, gifts, toys, whatever they need. All the's just tinsel. Happy Hollydays!

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