Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Candy

I am not a big fan of Halloween. Oh, I like to see the kids, especially the little tykes, dressed up in their costumes. And I enjoy the Halloween activities and festivities around our neighborhood but the Halloween candy is such a problem. This year I did my usual thing. I bought some candy that I knew I would not be tempted to eat. I would give it all away. If, by any chance, it looked like I would have some left over, I would give it all to the lucky late-comers.

Nothing worked out according to plan. I bought a big bag of miniature Tootsie Roll pops. They sat on the table near the door unopened for several days. On Halloween we went out for a bit and came home and got ready for our trick or treaters. There were none. NONE! The word was out that we were giving out cheesy little suckers I guess. I went to bed undisturbed, but yet certain that the minute my head touched the pillow, the doorbell would ring. Not so! However, I got up in the night and ate 7 of the little Tootsie Roll Pops, even an orange one.

The next night, I raided the bag again. George awoke to a battlefield of candy wrappers and sticky sticks. He looked at me quite sternly.

"We need to get rid of these Tootsie Roll Pops!"

I agreed. They were a hazard to my health. I took them to school where I teach the next day, and planned to pawn them off on someone. But who? I did not want to keep them and maybe nobody would want them either. Then I had a brilliant idea. Put them in someone else's mailbox and let them deal with them.

I had finally solved the problem. I went to my next meeting in the principal's office. Halfway through, in walked the teacher who had been gifted with the Tootsie Roll Pops. She did not want them either. She gave them to us for our meeting. In no time at all, they were put into a nice wicker bowl and we each had a lollipop. They are obviously stalking me.

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