Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Jennifer Grey

It really annoys me sometimes that I am not Jennifer Grey. I was watching some of her interviews and her dancing on DWTS and it occurs to me that she and I are very similar. Yet, she is winning accolades for her talent in dancing and I am not.

Well, to be quite fair, I am a klutzy dancer. I have a poor sense of balance and I am more likely to fall over on some of the fancy moves. And swinging me around in the air would probably not be the best thing for my back that has a rod implanted in it. And I do have a bad case of vertigo that would affect me.

And Jennifer Grey is very tiny and does not have a big protruding stomach. She can do real splits without hurting her crotch area and after flying all over the stage, she is still smiling and not dead.

It might seem to the uninitiated that we have little in common. Not true. First of all we are both women who liked Patrick Swayze a lot. We are both brunettes, although I have let my hair turn gray now. And our first names begin with "J."

A little more research and I am sure I could uncover some more information for you on how Jennifer Grey and I are similar. I think perhaps I will let her take over and determine our similarities. I can't do ALL the work!

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Bodaciousboomer said...

What nobody really knows is that Jennifer Grey is actually a full body Spanx, from fingertips to toes. So don't be so hard on yourself. I went to high school with Patrick. He was nice guy who died way too young.