Thursday, October 14, 2010

What's New?

What's New in our house is that the A/C has not worked for 3 days. It could be worse. There has been a coolness in the area but still it is south Florida. The humidity alone has probably plumped out all my wrinkles. So a benefit to add to the sweating.

Today is an important day for my husband, George. It is "Be Bald and Be Free Day." Of course, he celebrates this one day in and day out since at least I met him 16 or so years ago. Oh he still has hair around the sides of his head. But he is bald on top.To other men who have joined the ranks of the rug-wearers, I say "Throw your toupee up up and away. Live freely and hairlessly!"

There are a couple of important holidays for tomorrow I want you to get ready for. Tomorrow is National Boss's Day. If you want to keep your job, remember this one because if you don't everyone else will and you will look bad.

It is also the International Day of Rural Women. I am relieved to hear that. I am tired of all the city women being featured in magazines. Let's get some women in overalls and aprons and housedresses, collecting eggs and shoveling manure. Equal time for them.

Two more things. It will be National Mammography Day. Make sure you have had yours. I did a couple months ago. My girls are safe and happy for another year.

And it is National Grouch Day. Get it over with in one day and don't foist your attitude on us the rest of the year. For those of you, who seem to think every day is National Grouch Day, it is not. Get over it. Go back in your cave until next October 15th.

The only other things occupying my mind is what book character to be in our annual character parade at school. I need to portray a children's book character. Now that is a tantalizing problem.

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Anonymous said...

National grouch day!!that ones for me. Loved it, Jeanne.