Saturday, October 16, 2010

Panties Again

I know that many of you think that I am way too interested in underwear and you may be right but let's face it. It is an interesting topic. Companies make a fortune on the underwear idiosyncracies of the buying public. It's a part of our culture.

A recent article I read capitalized on this interest by discussing the fact that many women go pantyless. Now that is nothing new. According to her, Cleopatra herself chose to wear nothing below her Queenlike robes. I am not sure I believe that.

First of all, didn't they wear figleaves or something like that during that time?
Secondly, how would anyone know? Did she wear those shiny patent leather sandals that show what is going on in your personal female parts? I would have to do some extensive research on Cleopatra to determine that fact, assuming that her underwear habits are covered. No pun intended.

The author goes on to talk about many famous people "going commando" under their clothing. Of course there are the famous instances of papparazzi shots of women who expose their innermost secrets as they emerge from their limos. Like I really want to see that.

In between my first and second marriage, my friend and I who went to many singles' dances to get out in the world, heard that you felt more sexy when you went without underwear. So we would head to the ladies' room, peel off our undies and stuff them in our purses. It was true. We did feel more naughty. And it eliminated pantylines. Not that it got us any more action. But it was a little uncomfortable at times.

Friend: Did you take them off?
Me: Yup. I'm feeling the breeze.
Friend: How do you feel?
Me: Sexy and slutty. It is really amazing.
Friend: I'll be right back. I'm doing it too.

Later on that evening, we meet up...

Me: How's it going?
Friend: I put them back on. I felt too naked.
Me: Me, too. And there is nobody good here I want to waste my nakedness on.

But we tried. An interesting thing about no panties is that you still get wedgies. Not my most attractive moment.

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Bodacious Boomer said...

Innermost secrets! I'll remember that one.