Monday, October 18, 2010

Another Fun-Filled Day

Assuming you have read any of my posts, and noted that at times my life, as my friend Matt commented, is a "mess," then today's post won't disappoint you. As you may recall I had a week where I was inundated with a kidney stone, a klutzy fall on our tile floor (the day of my son's wedding) and a hastily put together, but beautiful wedding. The kidney stone was blasted from my being last week and I have been feeling pretty good. This weekend however, things started to go downhill. I started having, to put it delicately, urinary urgency, pain, and my personal internal faucet slowed down to a drip-drip-drip.
This morning I contemplated going to the doctor, fearing a new infection. For the second time in 20 minutes, I headed to the bathroom. Lo and behold! The drip-drip-drip became a gusher! I heard strains of the Hallelujah Chorus and all was well with the world. Evidently a big hunk of kidney stone is now down in our plumbing somewhere.
George took me to the medical center for new x-rays. The young man who took the x-rays for me last week was there again. He recognized me.
"You're the one with the rods in her back."
You would think I was the only person who ever had steel rods in her back. But we get along good. We are forming a nice friendship now. As I got ready to leave I asked him if I could borrow the gown (open in back) for our upcoming Character Parade at school next week. I promised to bring it back.
He looked concerned. "I am not supposed to let you do that. I could lose my job."
He looked around. "Don't you have a bag you could put it in?"
Well, I did not so I stuffed it in the front of my pants. He looked at me critically and said, "Looks good to me."
I viewed myself in the mirror. I looked like a 60 year old pregnant woman. "Are you kidding? Is this what I looked like when I came in? How can you say it looks fine?"
We argued all the way out. He did point out that if I want the gown, I should be happy with how it looks. We got to where George was in the waiting room and I pointed at my new friend. "He knocked me up back there."
Now I have to figure out what else I need to get for the character. I have an x-ray. He didn't have one of those little hats you wear in surgery.

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Sharon said...

So funny! We want to see photos of you in your costume.