Friday, October 1, 2010

Just After the Wetting

The wedding is over. The vows were said, the rose petals were scattered, the sand was poured and the bride was as beautiful as any bride I have ever seen. And the groom, well he could have graced a romance novel cover. Just a few wrinkles occurred.
The rain continued. We opted for Plan B. As Ashlee and Cory arrived at my house to get ready, I tripped over the cat and scraped up both legs, also bruising my ankle severely enough to have to hobble all day. Cory and George went over to Ron and Jeanette's house and Ashlee and I followed later. When we got there we found out that Ron, Cory's Dad, had been taken to the hospital after experiencing severe bleeding from a procedure he had had the week before. So...we were at their house, but they were not there. Cory and Ashlee were in agony. Should they wait? Change their date? It was a lose-lose situation. Finally, a call to Jeanette solved the problem. She told them to get married, everything was ready.
The wedding was beautiful. Their home was a beautiful backdrop for the pictures. Then the wedding party of Cory, Ashlee, George and I headed to the hospital to go to the ER to see her new father in law just out of recovery. Seeing Ashlee striding down the corridor in her gown was a hoot, and she got many a smile and a "Congratulations." My daughter in law has a big heart and she showed it that night.


Sharon said...

This is not a wedding anyone will forget. So sorry about all the illnesses, etc. As the old saying goes, they can only go up from here.
How hard did you get hit from the storm? We received about 10" and gusty winds. A lot of flooding near the shore, but my family is all far enough inland that we were spared.

Jeanne said...

Actually other than a few dribbles here and there we never got a lot of rain. It was worse near the beach where we originally wanted to be, but we were inland. The sun actually peeked out for a bit as we took pictures out back.