Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Rabbit Trails

I find that I need some little projects to break up the hugeness of marketing attempts, or even writing a book. When you self publish, you own all of the material in your book so that kind of works out for me in other ways. As I am working, I may take time out to polish an essay or short story and send it off to a contest. My writings, being humorous types, can stand alone as a written piece so often I will enter a chapter or part of one in a writing contest. It keeps me sharp and helps me hone my writing since I am going to be sending it to someone else to read.

I have had a couple of short stories and poems published this way, and placed in some contests. There is nothing better for the psyche, especially an ego that feels overwhelmed by entering the publishing world in today's economy.

I am also learning that I am becoming a little more flexible in my way of thinking. I keep hearing "e-books" and it gives me the willies, because to me books have always been tangible. But I am crossing over to the e-side and learning about electronic books and why they are the wave of the future. Also working on a video trailer and some short "YouTube" videos for promotion. Whoa! Who would have thought that could happen?


Bodaciousboomer said...

I'm so impressed with your do-it-all attitude. Just what vitamins are you on kiddo?

Jeanne said...

Well that is a compliment from a "bodacious boomer." I am trying to do it because I need to. But I am learning all along the way. And meanwhile I wish I could quit my day job to have more time. Oh well!