Thursday, September 23, 2010


It has been an interesting week. Say what you want about the "full moon" folklore. Any classroom teacher will be able to ascertain when the full moon is in effect by the behavior of her children. And so it went this week. The full moon bloomed. So I thought it was time to put the week behind me and look forward to whatever holidays were in store for me for Friday. The first two were not particularly helpful to me in my quest for a stressfree day.
Tomorrow, first of all, is Celebrate Bi-Sexuality Day. It seems that this movement was started in 1999 in an effort to allow bi-sexuals to become recognized as a distinct group. Previously, people assumed that you were either a heterosexual or a homosexual. The addition of bi-sexuals shows that you just can't assume anything.
The second "holiday" is "Earth Over Shoot Day." Now, this day reflects, unfortunately, the fact that we are using up our natural resources faster than our earth can regenerate them. "In 2010, the worldwide human population is projected to use 150% of the resources the earth can generate in a year." Recycling, everyone? (I do feel that they could have named this a bit more creatively. I wish they would have asked me for help.)
And, finally, the holiday I really need. Friday is "Innergize Day." In other words, you need to destress by taking time for yourself and taking care of you. (Just make sure you recycle while you are doing it.)

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Bodaciousboomer said...

I'm with you Miss Jeanne. I'll take Innergize Day; over the other two. The first I don't need and the second is terribly depressing.