Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Art of Freecycling

If you have read my book, Wrinkles, Waistlines and Wet Pants, you hopefully noted a chapter on my freecycling hobby. A few years ago someone introduced me to the Freecycle Network online. It's a very cool way to get free stuff that you don't want to spend money on and it's a cool way to get rid of the crap in your house that you don't like, but someone else with much worse taste than you will love. It's a great system. Of course, it has its downfalls.
Lately, I have been noticing that some of the "givers," assuming that others should be grateful for the items they post on freecycle should respond in a way that shows extreme respect for their gifts. One freecyclist lists each item separately:
1 barbecue fork
2 used candles
a table with 3 legs (can be propped against a wall)
12 issues of AARP
Only one to a customer please and email me with which item you want and what you want it for. No resellers please. Note: I go on EBAY every day and if I see my items on there, there will be big trouble.
So some free things come with a price tag anyway. The last thing I got seems to have a price tag. It is a "wood" dresser. Now mind you I don't need a dresser. But I got it in case my mother in law would like it for her spare room or my son would want it for his. We got to the house. The lady was very nice. The dresser was huge. It is like a triple size, and not in the best shape. However, neither of us had the common sense to say that it was just not right for us and George sweated and hauled that sucker out to the truck. When we got home, he sweated and hauled that sucker out to the garage where it still is.
We debated. Put it out for bulk pick up? Well, then George would have to haul it out again. I felt he had done enough of that. Then we thought, "Put it on freecycle." So I did, with a picture so people would know the size of it. The first lady that wanted it kept updating me for 5 days when she was going to pick it up. I finally gave up on her. But I had another taker. She was delighted to take it off my hands. We planned for 3 days when she would come. Today at 2:00. Now she tells me she has changed her mind.
Today I am thinking that if I open all the drawers and set it in the yard, it could make a nice apartment house for mockingbirds and bluejays. They could each build their nest in a drawer. Meanwhile I am looking for other stuff to freecycle.


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